DICE is Changing the Live Music Industry With Fan-Focused Initiatives

DICE is a mobile ticketing app and website that allows users to discover artists, browse events and securely purchase tickets all in one place. Born from the minds of music lovers and artist managers, DICE is changing the way we purchase tickets and building trust with users through security and transparency. 

What makes DICE leaps and bounds better than other ticketing platforms is its complete dedication to artists and venues and the fan-focused initiatives that have been long awaited in the industry. In an era where fans are consistently getting robbed by dynamic pricing, dealing with bot issues and the resale market through ticket giants like Ticketmaster, DICE has created a one stop shop for fans to purchase tickets that never leave the app and are always trustworthy.

DICE allows for users to connect their music streaming service to the app and recommends events and shows that you don’t want to miss based on your music preferences and listening behaviors. The simple layout and user friendly interface is also easily navigable for any user. There are no processing fees on tickets, and event prices remain the same throughout the sale period no matter the demand. 

Didn’t grab tickets in time to a now-sold out show? DICE’s industry-leading waitlist feature allows completely trustworthy fan-to-fan transfer directly through the app. Fans can add their name to a waitlist, and if a previous ticket purchaser can no longer attend the event, the ticket goes to a fan on the list on a first-come basis. The new purchaser pays face-value price and the original purchaser receives payment instantly. 

With a completely in-app experience, this means that no tickets ever end up on pesky second-hand sites. Say goodbye to the days of paying high fees on StubHub or SeatGeek just to receive a faulty or fake ticket. With DICE, it’s 100% trustworthy, 100% of the time. Whether you’re looking for club nights, huge festivals, a comedy night or a basement rave, DICE ensures that users are never scammed or upsold, and that artists and venues enjoy worry-free events. Download DICE today!

*Not affiliated with DICE*

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