Creative Brief

Prepared By: Arianna Delgado

Client: Oatly

Date: March 27, 2024

Description: Campaign to gain awareness for Oatly’s newest product launch, oat-based cheese.

Advertising Headline: Cheese The Day, The Oat-Based Way!

Who is our target audience? 

The target audience for this campaign for Oatly is made up of current oat milk consumers in the United States, those searching for dairy alternatives to a common favorite food, and vegans. Oatly primarily serves a younger audience aged 18 to 35. As this is the demographic Oatly has been successful in targeting, we will use that same age group for this campaign. This demographic is also most likely to be interested in an oat-based cheese alternative, and also best understands Oatly’s whimsical tone and messaging featured in ads and social media posts. Lastly, this demographic’s generations (Gen Z and Millennials) are more interested in health and wellness trends, and most likely to make purchasing decisions based off of a company’s commitment to sustainability and health efforts.

Where will this ad appear? (ie., OOH, online, print media, etc.)

The main focus of this ad will be OOH advertising since Oatly’s brand image is directly tied to their OOH ads and messaging. Bus shelters, metro benches and billboards will be seen throughout large cities in the US such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami. People in these large cities are most likely to have existing knowledge and connection with Oatly products or advertising, and are also most likely to be a part of our target demographic. We will also utilize social media advertising across Instagram and Facebook to further spread awareness of the new product launch. 

What is the goal? (ie. create awareness, sell product, improve image?)

The goal for this campaign is to create awareness for the launch of Oatly’s new Oat-based cheese. While Oatly has many loyal consumers, this is a brand new product line that will need to gain the attention of those that are not aware of the brand’s expansion of products beyond oat milk. The overall goal of the campaign is to gain sales through awareness of the new product, which we will gain through this creative campaign. 

Why do we need this ad?  

Oatly has a strong and loyal consumer base, but has yet to expand its product line to cheese. Currently, we offer an array of oat-based milk, creamers, cream cheese and dessert items – but not cheese. With the headline “Cheese the day the oat-based way!” Oatly’s whimsical and positive brand messaging shines through while also telling the viewer that there is an exciting new oat-based product at Oatly.

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